3 Basic Fly Casting Tips You Should Try

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Casting is everything in fly fishing.

Without developing the right techniques, you’re not only going to make that catch. You’re also going to miss out on that blissful feeling of your rod unloading at the end of a stop.

If you’re just getting started, then today’s your lucky day. Below are basic fly casting tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Move slowly and gently

There’s a level of grace that’s necessary to unload that rod and create a loop in the end. Moving your arms like a windshield wiper blade isn’t going to cut it. You must move slowly, gently and as minimal as you can get. For example, think of a forward cast as if you’re hammering a nail into the wall.

  1. Never forget that the rod bends when casting

There’s a broomstick logic going around that our line goes where our thumb goes. This is something you should forget about totally. Instead, always remember that your fly rod bends when you cast. Simultaneously, the tip of your rod comes closer to your thumb when you bend it.

  1. Accelerate smoothly

We’ve mentioned earlier that you must learn how to move slowly and gently. Of course, at one point, you need to pick up acceleration in order for you to cast that line properly. The trick is to accelerate smoothly and come to a sudden stop. Think of it as hurling an apple on the end of the stick. Move too fast and you’ll watch that apple fall on the ground, far from where it needs to end up.

Practice makes perfect. So make sure you dedicate enough time mastering these techniques.

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