3 Tips & Tricks to Catch More Trout on Flies

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Angling has changed over the last 50 years.

More advanced gear are available on the market while some old-school techniques are merely becoming a thing of history.

Sometimes, it pays to revisit the good old times and learn how the finest, most legendary anglers did it before. Here are a few tactics that aren’t as popular but are still as effective.

  1. Use wet flies

Many anglers today equate fly fishing to dry fly fishing. However, dry flies don’t always work. That’s why learning to fish on wet flies continues to be an essential part of the trade. Cast a wet fly across stream then follow the fly with the rod tip as it swings on a tight line in an arc. Be sure to mend it when you’re in front of boulders, into seams, and beneath overhanging brush.

  1. Make flies out of hide fur

Most prepackaged fur dubbing today are limited. They’re just chopped and blended rabbit or squirrel hair. However, doing it old school with hide fur is still the best technique around. It’s a joy to work with, provides a range of subtle and natural colors, and allows the option of including or omitting the guard hairs in the mixed dubbing.

  1. Use your feet

Today’s angling technology has paved the way for more anglers to stay static and let the longer lines do the work. However, the best anglers around know that it takes the right combination of feet and arms to catch. So every opportunity you get, walk or wade to the one optimum spot for working each section of water.
Image source: fieldandstream.com


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