Fishing with Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust

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Trout fishing is a rewarding experience.

Whether you’re practicing a catch and release system or seeking out the freshest dinner on the campfire, there’s nothing like it.

However sometimes, we wish we could catch trout in 30 seconds or less. The good news? You actually can. The thing is our dough baits aren’t exactly the best ones out there. Yes they do imitate the flavor of a real trout hatchery food. However, they don’t always serve their purpose. At times, we need something else, something more effective. So when Lip Ripperz came out with their very own natural hatchery dust, trout fishing was never the same again.

What’s a hatchery dust, you say? It’s considered pixie dust among fishermen. It almost magic how it can help you catch trout within seconds upon dipping your bait into the water. Of course, there’s always a science to it.

It’s a specially formulated real life hatchery pellet that’s been ground into a fine consistency. What you have is a powder that is reminiscent of the food trout has always been accustomed to all their lives. This specific hatchery dust is irresistible to the trout. Plus, it’s got holographic glitter, which mimics small fish scales that can lure in just about any trout.

How does one use it? Simple. Just roll out your dough bait in a bed of this powder and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about using a harmful, chemical filler-filled hatchery dust. Lip Ripperz uses only the best, natural and finest ingredients to constantly attract the trout.


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