Fly Fishing: A Family Affair

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Some like to think that fly fishing is a singular hobby.

We hear about fishermen who set out on their own, looking to find peace and quiet far from manic cities. However, we believe fly fishing goes beyond doing it alone. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to spend time with the family.

We came across author Dennis Dahl’s “Fly Fishing and Family Time” and it tugged at our heartstrings. His wife’s passing has ignited memories of him and his family committing time off to be far away from the world and be one with the waters.“Pausing for a moment to change fishing flies, I looked downstream and saw my wife sitting on the grassy bank of the river. I hoped she was enjoying herself as much as I was during our time out here together in the fresh air, far away from the business and home and children and Church callings that otherwise took up our time. In fact, it was because of these pressures that we had reserved every Friday to spend time together,” Dahl penned.

We couldn’t agree more. Fly fishing with the family is an experience like no other. It doesn’t just pull everyone away from the noisy world, which can sometimes be superficial. It also teaches us a lot of family values, one of which is realizing that everything is ephemeral.

Forever isn’t exactly the word we can apply to ourselves. We have limited time on this earth and what better way to make the most of it than with your loved ones, doing what you all love?

So be sure to take your family with you the next time you plan a fishing trip. You’d be delighted you did.


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