Fly Fishing in Clear Creek, Colorado

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There are a lot of fantastic fly fishing spots throughout the countries, some even have their “secret” go-to streams.

However, it’s no secret that Clear Creek, Colorado is one of the best.

Clear Creek is a highly popular river about an hour away from Denver. It originates in the mountains just above Georgetown and runs through Idaho Springs and Golden, making its way to the South Platte River.

Why is it so popular?

Apart from the majestic scenery that awaits you, Clear Creek offers a healthy population of small to mid-sized rainbow and brown trout, as well as a plethora of bug life. It’s a great spot for anglers limited on time and those who are all for a smaller stream experience.

Where are the best spots to fish?

Somewhere within the radius of North Fork of Clear Creek, off Hwy 40 between Empire and Berthoud Pass is a great section where a lot of brookies reside. Be sure to leave your car parked on picnic grounds or turnouts.

Another is just below Idaho Springs where there are deep pools. There’s no parking near the area but you can take the bike path that follows the river between Idaho Springs and the Hwy 6/I-70 junction.

What do you need to know?

Clear Creek is a well-loved place on this side of the country. However, not everything is accessible to the public. Be sure to watch out for private property signs. Moreover, learning where the right entries are is a good way to start your fishing trip.

Junction of I-70 and Hwy 6, Courtney Riley Cooper Park, Clear Creek Canyon and through the Clear Creek Ranger District Office are areas that allow public access.

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