How Fly Fishing’s First Lady Inspired ’60 Minutes’ Star Bill Whitaker

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Bill Whitaker is a name that resounds across audiences.

He’s put “60 Minutes” on the map, reimagining this world where people have very little to no patience watching snippets.

He’s been all over the world, interviewed countless guests and have exhausted just about every experience a well-meaning and thorough correspondent could possibly get himself into.

However, Whitaker wasn’t always that adventurous. In fact, he found contentment upon working at the comfort of an LA studio. In what appeared to be an unlikely source of inspiration, the “60 Minutes” star credits a “fly gal”.

When he was asked to do a “60 Minutes Sports” show, he opted for “something different” instead of the conventional high-profile athlete. He turned his attention to British Columbia’s finest, April Vokey.

“She’s Hollywood beautiful, curses like a sailor, can drink with the best of them and catches fish better than anyone else there,” Whitaker said. “April Vokey is the reason I’m sitting at this desk,” he said. A framed poster on the wall of his office has her quote from the exclusive piece: “Adventure may hurt you but monotony might kill you.”

April Vokey is the first lady of fly fishing. Patagonia writes: “Though she wasn’t born into a fishing family, April somehow entered this world genetically programmed to fish. She’s been on the water ever since. Today, when she’s not guiding the fabled rivers of British Columbia, teaching fly tying and casting, writing about fishing and appearing in fishing films, April fights to protect wild fish. On her days off, she goes fishing.”

By the looks of it, she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Just as there are people as determined, driven and passionate as Vokey is, Whitaker will always be inspired to take on the challenge.

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