For the Love of Wooly Bugger

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We’ve come across a lot of streamers throughout our years of casting.

However, nothing comes close to the wooly bugger — arguably everybody’s favorite.  No one knows exactly how the wooly bugger came about or who invented it. All we know now is it’s a very well-loved fly that’s taken the casting world by storm.

It comes in multitudes of color varieties but the most popular is the olive green. Some have even come up with tutorials on how to make your very own wooly bugger. As for us, we’re more than happy to have this trusty tool by our side. Whether we’re fishing lakes, streams, salt flats, ponds or even murky or fast waters, we have this little fighter sticking by us.

Don’t be fooled by its extremely simple pattern of marabou tail, chenille body and palmer-styled hackle. It mimics plenty of aquatic insects fish love to munch on. All you’re left to do now is to learn how to fish with them, which leads us to even more good news.

Thanks to its versatility, the wooly bugger can be fished in plenty of ways. Whether you want to pull off a dead-drift in the current, opt for a stop-and-go motion or strip-strip pause, this fly won’t fail you. You can even fish in the early morning, the dead of night or even the afterhours, as long as you’re using the right color. It’s mainly because how this streamer moves that even the biggest trout in hiding finds irresistible.

All this talk about the wooly bugger is giving us the itch. We’ll be off to the waters now!


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