Your Guide to Essential Fly Fishing Gear

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Fly fishing is as enjoyable as you make it be.

Apart from being at the right place and the right time, your gear is essential to the entire experience.

There are a lot of rods, reels and lines out there but not everything lives up to expectations. Here’s what we highly recommend you invest on right away.

Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest

Your vest houses what you need throughout your trip. It’s your one-stop shop to make it more convenient, easy and strategic for you to catch that rainbow.

We personally recommend buying the Fishpond Sagebrush since it’s lightweight, comfortable and has adequate pockets of all sizes. Plus, it even comes with tippet dispenser pocket, gear attachment tabs, cord loops and shoulder straps.

Orvis Endura Stockingfoot Hippers

Orvis is a staple name in the fly fishing industry, and for good reasons. One is that they churn out exceptional gear just about every angler loves. The Enduras are the best waders for when the weather is particularly unpleasant. It even comes in hip or chest-length options.

Don’t let its lightness fool you. It’s tough and very comfortable, which won’t obstruct your fishing skills at all.

Sage Approach 590-4

Your fishing rod can make all the difference in the world. You want something that will cast right but won’t break the bank either. Well, dreams do come true and this time, in the form of the Sage Approach 590-4.

It’s relatively stiff, which is the top choice for beginners. Furthermore, it’s endowed with a four-piece graphite construction that makes it easy to break down for transport and storage. The best part? It’s quite cheap!


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