Josh Klauk’s Biking & Fly Fishing: The Best of Both Worlds

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It’s not every day you get to live your life doing what you’re passionate about.

However, Josh Klauk is living the dream, finding the balance between two sports he’s extremely passionate about Biking and fishing.

Somewhere in Minneapolis lies his combined bike shop and café, Angry Catfish. When he’s not busy manning the wheels, you’ll find him working on his next catch or in his fly shop, Mend Provisions.

In a recent interview, Klauk gives us an exclusive look at his life, living the best of both worlds.

On fly fishing:

It has become my happy place when I have had enough of bikes. Fly fishing to me is a lot like mountain biking. With mountain biking, if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to crash into a tree and hurt yourself, so you can’t really think about work or things that are bugging you. You have to pay attention to the trail and put effort into it. Fly fishing is the same way — you can’t just stand around and watch your bobber. You have to pay attention to your casting, the bugs coming off the water, what the fish are doing, and how your line is sitting on the water. So to a large extent, it’s a beautiful distraction — just standing in the water, feeling the water, listening to the water — it’s quite rejuvenating.”

On biking:

“It’s all about being outside, being able to move faster than walking and being able to explore places you can’t explore with a car. Bikes attract a lot of interesting people too, so being able to meet people who are like-minded and interested in adventure and getting around without a car is a part of it. There’s definitely a group of us who can’t get enough of bikes and keep building different iterations and changing our bikes. It’s really a lifestyle.”

On his love for both, what he fondly calls “bike packing”:

“We go on backpacking trips where we ride bikes fully loaded with packs and a fly rod that can break down into five pieces and travel really easily on a bicycle. I can bring a small bag with flies, leaders, a rod in a tube, and a reel, and it doesn’t add much weight or space.”

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