Klaus Frimor’s Advanced Casting

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Casting varies from one person’s skill set to another.

It also depends where you are, what the weather is like or if there are any sudden problems that arise.

There’s also a thin line that separates what casters believe to be as “advanced” or “simple” technique. For instance, a video of casting guru, Klaus Frimor surfaced on YouTube. He was seen demonstrating “advanced” fly casting skills, which are arguably expressive.

However, some would beg to differ. One commented, “Not for me thanks. No distance on any casts. most of the time he is just making shapes in the air. The line always ends up in the same place. He is using his wrist. Try that all day for 10 days. Pointless tricks with a rod and line,” while another said, “This is not advanced fly casting. This is nothing except playing around.”

Technique and trick may mean differently among people. Sure, it appears like a fancy looping trick that’s unnecessary. Other casters found that the simpler, the better. However, we can’t discount his ability in the waters. What Frimor demonstrates is a deep knowledge of spatial and temporal awareness.  He can practically shift rhythm and speed while still controlling the slack in the line.

In the real world, we believe this is one skill you need to have. In the event that you encounter sudden changes, which are a constant in the realm of casting, this will help you improvise. This is really an advanced transverse wave casting that entail a ton of precision and pre-visualization.

So whether or not one believes it to be a trick or technique, it’s most definitely an advanced skill that can be useful in special occasions.



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