Luke Bryan Praises the Joy of Fishing in Music Video

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The love of fishing and the great outdoors knows no limits.

Whether it’s a 12-year old discovering its joys or a retired veteran who found peace in fishing, it’s truly one special hobby. This time around, we have a famous country musician who’s singing about his passion for fishing in a recent music video.

Luke Bryan is a massive name in country music. The American singer has garnered plenty of no.1 hits including “Someone Else Calling You Baby” and “Rain is a Good Thing”. He recently released his latest album, Kill the Lights that included his fun-loving song, Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day”.

A part of the lyrics goes:

I get a little farm pond buzz

Sound of gravel when I’m backin’ up

Pullin’ the string on a 9.9 two-stroke (Mercury)

I love it when my baby wants to roll with me

Throws her boots on, climbs in a tree

Tuckin’ her hair in my hat and she’s ready to go

The music video of the song even included a cameo from The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge, Trent Tatum just at the 3:30 mark. Bryan is no stranger to the waters of Wyoming. In fact, he has fished with the guides of the shop plenty of times. We definitely get his grip on why fishing is just the best outdoor activity there is.

In an interview with Billiboard, Bryan highlights how much the great outdoors has inspired him: “The important thing is the fact that if you live in that hunting, fishing, loving-every-day mentality, you’re going to be a little more stress-free, and your quality of life will be a little better.”


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