The Beauty of Fishing with Sudden Impact Fiber Bait

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The catfish is quite the strong fighter.

It takes a ton of energy, determination and patience to catch one. The good thing is this fish, particularly the channel catfish has an appetite for just about anything. From chicken liver to hotdog, the bait options are endless.

Many anglers swear by these homemade baits but the game changed when we came across the Sudden Impact Fiber Bait. It’s packed with irresistible and attracting ingredients that are mixed with long hair like natural fibers. Not only that. It allows anglers to use a bare treble hook to secure it. No fuss, no problem.

As if catfish hunters wouldn’t be more excited, the Sudden Impact Fiber Bait is easy to use. There’s no need to use sponges or springs for the bait to hold on the hook thanks to its smooth consistency. All you have to do is stir up your bait until it’s soft. Once you’ve stirred it enough, it’s time to push in a #6 Sudden Impact treble hook. You can then pull out hook and repeat the process until the hook is loaded as desired.  The more you stir, the better your bait is.

This special bait is also enclosed in a black plastic bucket instead of a typical white one. This keeps it warm in the sun, allowing the “stink” smell to retain for a longer time. In anglers’ language, the smellier the bait is, the better attracted a catfish is to it.

Just remember to use a pair of trusty needle-nose pliers to do the dipping instead of using your fingers.


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