Using Hotdog Baits for Catching Catfish

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Catfish are among the tastiest of catches out there.

That’s why many fishermen find them irresistible.

Catching catfish can prove to be a challenging feat. Contrary to popular belief, this kind of fish doesn’t enjoy swimming among muddy and swampy waters. In fact, they enjoy clear, clean and flowing waters. However, it’s not enough to know where they are. It’s best to know how to catch them effectively.

There are a lot of homemade catfish bait out there, including chicken livers, raw bacon and even ivory soap. One of our most favorite baits is hotdog; just good old plain (or cheesy) hotdogs. Some like to slice them in pieces and put them in a Ziploc bag filled with garlic. Others like to dip them in oil so its scent would be stronger once dipped in the waters. Either way, they’re an expensive choice!

Once again, it’s not enough to know where the catfish are and what they like. Tying the hotdog right into your rod is also important. It should be visible enough to lure in the fish but at the same time, should be strong enough to keep the fish on the hook.

One trick we learned is to create your very own catfish rig. You can do this by using a slip sinker and tie, a makeshift coat hanger rig and a few strong knots to keep everything in place. Think of it as threading a whole hotdog into your rig and letting it dangle at the tip. Oh and don’t forget to leave the hotdogs out for 2-3 days. It strengthens the bait’s scent, making it even easier to catch that catfish.


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